Finger Practice

Slide Exercise

Fade To Black (part of)*Metallica

Fade To Black (part of intro)*Metallica

Come Together*Beatles

Pigs On The Wing *Pink Floyd

Master of Puppets (Interlude)*Metallica

And Justice For All (Intro)*Metallica

Basic Blues

SBS (riff)*Ozzy

Four Sticks*Led Zeppelin

Wicked World*Black Sabbath

The Wizard (intro)*Black Sabbath

Nothing Else Matters (solo)*Metallica

Snowblind (Figure 1) *Black Sabbath

Snowblind (Figure 2) *Black Sabbath

Snowblind (Figure 3) *Black Sabbath

Snowblind (Figure 4) *Black Sabbath

Snowblind (Figure 5) *Black Sabbath